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  1. Sky Cycling at Camp Wild Dhauj

    Rs 2,000 - 5,000

    Per person per night

    Sky Cycling Highlights

    > Feel the adrenaline rush cycling up in the air 25 ft above the ground

    > Climb and descend commando nets to reach the high placed activity

    > Feel the natural rocks of the Aravallis Hills in the backdrop

    > Completely safe and enjoy the activity with 100% protection.

    > The entire activity is organized under the supervision of a highly experienced instructor

    > Lifetime memorable experience.

    > Experience the thrill of cycling in the sky 

    > Delhi NCR 1st Sky Cycle activity set in the most spectacular landscape.

    Sky Cycling in Camp Wild Dhauj Overview
    If you are looking for a new, unique, and amazing adventure activity, “Sky Cycling” is here to enthrall you. Experience the excitement of cycling up in the air set-up at "Camp Wild Dhauj", the nearest adventure camp near Delhi NCR. We promise that there would be no better way to celebrate your birthdays, anniversaries, and special events

    To top it up, your videos and pictures will have a majestic and spectacular view of the Aravalli mountain range. The first pedal when you make your way in the air suspended by strong steel cable during sky cycling will take your breath away. Its thrill can only be experienced and cannot be imagined.

    About the Sky Cycle Activity Details

    > This whole activity starting from getting dressed up wearing a chest and seat harness along with a helmet takes about 15 - 20 minutes.

    The instructor will first brief you regarding the activity and the expectations along with signing the indemnity bond

    Following this, the instructor will make you wear your harness and helmet.

    Once you are ready with academic instructions and geared up, you will be put on a safety belay system. Making you 100% safe before starting the commando net climb up to the base of the SkyCycle activity. 

    Start the activity with a climb on the commando net created with tires, which is a great activity in itself.

    On reaching the high starting point, you will be received by the instructor. He will change your safety belay latching you onto the 2nd belay system of the Skycycle activity. 

    After the 2nd briefing about the Sky Cycle activity finally, now you are ready to take off in the air.

    Cycle your way all along the 100meters of the cable length while full of excitement and thrill. 

    On reaching the other end, you have an option of doing a return trip also if you have signed up for the same. Else, the instructor will receive you and help you disembark. You will be then put on the 3rd belay and you will descend down on a commando net back down on our planet Earth.  

    Know Before You Go for Sky Cycling

    > Sky Cycling is available as below

       October to April: 9 am to 5 p.m.

       May to June: 7am to 11am / 5pm to 7pm

       July to September: 7 am to 7 pm (Subject to weather and rain conditions)

    > You have to pre-book and purchase the activity before you come to the camp

    > A time will be allocated to you for the activity and we will request you to kindly adhere to the same slot.

    > Loose clothes should be avoided while doing the activity like a saree

    > Our bicycle size is 26” suitable for children as young as 10 years onwards also. 

    > If the weather is bad, or it rains, then sky cycling may be postponed, or activity may be delayed. If you have pre-booked and wish to change the date with at least one day's prior notice when the weather is fine, we will be happy to assist and change your date.

    > Once booked the activity is non-refundable. However, we will be happy to assist and change your date

    > Participants should not carry any such items such as luggage bags etc during the activity as they will not be allowed. You will be allowed to take your mobile phone if you have purchased the use of our mobile selfie stick which has been specially designed for the activity. 

    > Any type of intoxication is prohibited before performing the activity.

    > It is mandatory for participants to follow all instructions given by the instructor before the activity.

    > It is mandatory for participants to sign the indemnity form provided by the instructor before the activity.

    > Avoid a full stomach before the activity.

    > People having physical ailments like some kind of recent surgery, fear of heights, foot or back or any kind of body injury should avoid the activity

    How long does it take to do the sky cycle activity?

    It takes about 15 - 20 minutes for the complete activity right from wearing your gear and finishing at the end line.

    Please note there may be some waiting time due to the popularity of the activity and we request you to kindly keep some patience.

    What equipment is required for sky cycle activity

    Equipment required for the activity such as seat harness, chest harness, helmet, all sorts of technical gear, etc will be provided by the camp. 

    Participants need to ensure that they are in a sporty attire 

    What is the difficulty level of the sky cycle?

    SkyCycle is an easy activity suited for anyone

    Even senior citizens who are fit enough to climb a commando net can easily take up this activity.

    Who can do the sky cycle activity

    SkyCycle is an easy activity suited for anyone above 12 years of age and a height of around 5ft

    Sky Cycling is an ideal activity for both pro and novice people. 

    Is the Sky Cycle Activity Safe?

    The activity has been very safely designed and constructed with full guidelines

    All technical equipment required for the activity such as carabiners, pulleys, etc used are of top internal standards certified by UIAA Safety Standards

    All the safety equipment given to you is cleaned thoroughly and regularly sanitized.

    All participants are attached to a belay at the ground level itself before starting the activity till they come back to the ground level

    The sky cycle take-off area is completely fenced avoiding any incidents

    Only a limited number of people are taken up at one time for the activity giving proper attention to each participant

    Proper debriefing is given and shared with all participants via the indemnity form before they sign up for the activity

    All information is shared with participants who book the activity disseminating the important information over email at the time of booking.

    Can I Take a Selfie Video While Doing This Activity for My Social Media Post? Is It Safe?

    Carrying a mobile phone in your hand to capture a video can be dangerous as it will distract one’s attention. It is important that all should enjoy the activity and the aerial view from the top. At the same time, we realize that this is a  moment to be captured, relished, and shared with all your friends, families over social media. To answer this, we have created a safety measure and a selfie stick which is attached to the cycle hand bar. We encourage you to purchase the Sky Cycle selfie stick along with the activity at a nominal price to capture those precious moments.