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  1. Sky Cycling at Camp Wild Dhauj

    Rs 2,000 - 5,000

    Per person per night

    Sky Cycling Highlights

    > Feel the adrenaline rush cycling up in the air 25 ft above the ground

    > Climb and descend commando nets to reach the high placed activity

    > Feel the natural rocks of the Aravallis Hills in the backdrop

    > Completely safe and enjoy the activity with 100% protection.

    > The entire activity is organized under the supervision of a highly experienced instructor

    > Lifetime memorable experience.

    > Experience the thrill of cycling in the sky 

    > Delhi NCR 1st Sky Cycle activity set in the most spectacular landscape.

    Sky Cycling in Camp Wild Dhauj Overview
    If you are looking for a new, unique, and amazing adventure activity, “Sky Cycling” is here to enthrall you. Experience the excitement of cycling up in the air set-up at "Camp Wild Dhauj", the nearest adventure camp near Delhi NCR. We promise that there would be no better way to celebrate your birthdays, anniversaries, and special events

    To top it up, your videos and pictures will have a majestic and spectacular view of the Aravalli mountain range. The first pedal when you make your way in the air suspended by strong steel cable during sky cycling will take your breath away. Its thrill can only be experienced and cannot be imagined.

    About the Sky Cycle Activity Details

    > This whole activity starting from getting dressed up wearing a chest and seat harness along with a helmet takes about 15 - 20 minutes.

    The instructor will first brief you regarding the activity and the expectations along with signing the indemnity bond

    Following this, the instructor will make you wear your harness and helmet.

    Once you are ready with academic instructions and geared up, you will be put on a safety belay system. Making you 100% safe before starting the commando net climb up to the base of the SkyCycle activity. 

    Start the activity with a climb on the commando net created with tires, which is a great activity in itself.

    On reaching the high starting point, you will be received by the instructor. He will change your safety belay latching you onto the 2nd belay system of the Skycycle activity. 

    After the 2nd briefing about the Sky Cycle activity finally, now you are ready to take off in the air.

    Cycle your way all along the 100meters of the cable length while full of excitement and thrill. 

    On reaching the other end, you have an option of doing a return trip also if you have signed up for the same. Else, the instructor will receive you and help you disembark. You will be then put on the 3rd belay and you will descend down on a commando net back down on our planet Earth.  

    Know Before You Go for Sky Cycling

    > Sky Cycling is available as below

       October to April: 9 am to 5 p.m.

       May to June: 7am to 11am / 5pm to 7pm

       July to September: 7 am to 7 pm (Subject to weather and rain conditions)

    > You have to pre-book and purchase the activity before you come to the camp

    > A time will be allocated to you for the activity and we will request you to kindly adhere to the same slot.

    > Loose clothes should be avoided while doing the activity like a saree

    > Our bicycle size is 26” suitable for children as young as 10 years onwards also. 

    > If the weather is bad, or it rains, then sky cycling may be postponed, or activity may be delayed. If you have pre-booked and wish to change the date with at least one day's prior notice when the weather is fine, we will be happy to assist and change your date.

    > Once booked the activity is non-refundable. However, we will be happy to assist and change your date

    > Participants should not carry any such items such as luggage bags etc during the activity as they will not be allowed. You will be allowed to take your mobile phone if you have purchased the use of our mobile selfie stick which has been specially designed for the activity. 

    > Any type of intoxication is prohibited before performing the activity.

    > It is mandatory for participants to follow all instructions given by the instructor before the activity.

    > It is mandatory for participants to sign the indemnity form provided by the instructor before the activity.

    > Avoid a full stomach before the activity.

    > People having physical ailments like some kind of recent surgery, fear of heights, foot or back or any kind of body injury should avoid the activity

    How long does it take to do the sky cycle activity?

    It takes about 15 - 20 minutes for the complete activity right from wearing your gear and finishing at the end line.

    Please note there may be some waiting time due to the popularity of the activity and we request you to kindly keep some patience.

    What equipment is required for sky cycle activity

    Equipment required for the activity such as seat harness, chest harness, helmet, all sorts of technical gear, etc will be provided by the camp. 

    Participants need to ensure that they are in a sporty attire 

    What is the difficulty level of the sky cycle?

    SkyCycle is an easy activity suited for anyone

    Even senior citizens who are fit enough to climb a commando net can easily take up this activity.

    Who can do the sky cycle activity

    SkyCycle is an easy activity suited for anyone above 12 years of age and a height of around 5ft

    Sky Cycling is an ideal activity for both pro and novice people. 

    Is the Sky Cycle Activity Safe?

    The activity has been very safely designed and constructed with full guidelines

    All technical equipment required for the activity such as carabiners, pulleys, etc used are of top internal standards certified by UIAA Safety Standards

    All the safety equipment given to you is cleaned thoroughly and regularly sanitized.

    All participants are attached to a belay at the ground level itself before starting the activity till they come back to the ground level

    The sky cycle take-off area is completely fenced avoiding any incidents

    Only a limited number of people are taken up at one time for the activity giving proper attention to each participant

    Proper debriefing is given and shared with all participants via the indemnity form before they sign up for the activity

    All information is shared with participants who book the activity disseminating the important information over email at the time of booking.

    Can I Take a Selfie Video While Doing This Activity for My Social Media Post? Is It Safe?

    Carrying a mobile phone in your hand to capture a video can be dangerous as it will distract one’s attention. It is important that all should enjoy the activity and the aerial view from the top. At the same time, we realize that this is a  moment to be captured, relished, and shared with all your friends, families over social media. To answer this, we have created a safety measure and a selfie stick which is attached to the cycle hand bar. We encourage you to purchase the Sky Cycle selfie stick along with the activity at a nominal price to capture those precious moments.


  3. Artificial Wall Climbing at Camp Wild Dhauj

    Rs 2,000 - 5,000

    Per person per night

    Get ready to enjoy and experience adventure activities near Delhi, Gurgaon, and Faridabad. Artificial Wall Climbing is an exciting activity at Camp Wild Dhauj. Artificial Rock Wall Climbing activity strengthens your physical strength and helps increase your confidence and exhilaration with the help of which you can take your skills to an advanced level.

    About the Artificial Wall Climbing Activity 

    > The Artificial Rock Climbing activity is conducted at Camp Wild Dhauj, timings are from 08:30 am to 6:00 pm, although the timings are subject to change according to the season.

    > This exciting activity takes you about 15- 30 minutes depending upon the route chosen.

    > The artificial wall of Camp Wild Dhauj is 40 feet high, on which you get an exciting experience of climbing.

    > Special care is taken for your safety during the activity, you are accompanied by a professional trainer, who gives you all the safety instructions related to the activity.

    > You will be provided with certified high-quality Harness, Helmet, Carabiner, etc. equipment for better protection while Climbing the Artificial wall.

    > All equipment is sanitized before carrying out the activity.

    > Take some time out from your hustle and bustle and come to Aravalli Hills with an adventure activities vacation at Camp Wild.

    Know Before You Go for Artificial Wall Climbing

    > If you've come to Camp Wild, and you've also booked an Artificial Rock Climbing activity, for some reason the weather turns bad, the activity will be postponed, and wait for the weather to settle down. The activity will be done after clear weather.

    > Arrive at the camp on time after booking the activity.

    > You may also book the activity while at the camp itself and add to your existing package.

    > Trainers may not ask any participant to do an activity they find unsuitable for them to do.

    > The participant must be at least 6 years old to perform the activity.

    > In view of participant safety, artificial rock climbing is not recommended for people who have recently had major surgery, who have fractured an arm, or are pregnant for more than 3 months.

  5. Low Rope Course Activities

    3 Nights / 4 Days

    Under Rs 2,000

    Per person per night

    Low Rope Course Activities

    Kids and families love the outdoors and an adventure park obstacle course, where the family can bond and can enjoy activities. Camp Wild Dhauj at Aravali Valley near Gurgaon, Delhi, and Faridabad is an ideal option. Camp Wild's Adventure Park includes a number of low rope course activities. These are a series of obstacles hanging about 1 to 2 feet above the ground between ropes, trees, and poles including activities such as Burma Loops, Monkey Crawl, Swinging Tires, Heebie Jeebie Combo, Burma Bridge, Planks/log/loop bridge, Twin rope missing planks bridge, Cat Walk, Commando Net, Tunnel Crawl, Hopscotch, etc. Strength, stamina, agility, balance, and flexibility - all are tested along with fun.

    Burma Loop
    The first thread of the Burma loop consists of strings on both sides of the hands, in the middle of which the rope is hung like a loop. The participant has to move on to this loop. As the participant moves from the first loop to the second, the challenges begin.

    Monkey Crawl
    Performing the monkey crawl activity requires both strength and stamina from the participant. In this activity, a rope is tied to the trunk of some trees, which has to be passed from one side to the other. Although it is easy to say, very difficult to do. If you do it once, you get thrilled and feel like doing it again and again. This activity is also used to cross the river with a rope.

    Commando Net
    Commando net is an adventure activity, which has been used for training for decades. You need the power to do this. Keeping your balance, the commando must climb the net.

  7. Tractor Ride

    1 Day

    Per person per night

    There are a few village activities you can choose from to make your weekend getaway at Camp Wild Dhauj exciting. If you have never experienced sitting on a tractor and going through the farms enjoying the breeze in your hair and eyes taking in the lush green everywhere, this is a must activity to do when you are visiting Dhauj Camp. Go with your group in a tractor for a ride on your next weekend vacation and explore the village together. We will make the ride as comfortable as possible by throwing in mattresses in the trolley as the ride does get a bit bumpy.


  9. Village Experience Near Delhi

    1 Day

    Per person per night

    Come experience village life near Delhi for a day or two, escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city. Where there is proper arrangement for your living near the village and also the villages are in a scenic place where there are some mountains and green forests. All this is possible just outside the Delhi NCR region in the Aravali Valley where villages like Mangar & Selakhari village are nestled. The base camp of Mangar village is Camp Wild Dhauj, where you can book many adventure activities apart from the village experience. 


    If you are looking for farmhouses near Delhi for a weekend holiday with village activities, then your search ends here, as here you will get all the things and village experience that you can imagine yourself to be. The Aravalli mountain range surrounds the village, which adds to the beauty of the village.


    On request, the guests are given a firsthand experience to participate in the everyday chores of the villagers. They enjoy and love doing activities like plucking the marigold for making garlands, a tractor ride, cutting the fodder, making cow dung cakes, churning buttermilk, getting henna tattoos.


  11. Animal Orphanage (Shelter)

    1 Day

    Per person per night

    The Animal Shelter started as recently as in 2013, takes care of 320 Dogs, 60 Large Animals including cows, bulls, buffaloes, horses, donkeys, mules 17 Emus, 35 Cats, 40 Rabbits, 50 Ducks and Geese, and many birds. The struggle is to raise 6 Lakhs a month to take care of the animals. With the construction of the shelter completed in February 2013, the dogs have moved in, and are enjoying their new home. The shelter is located on a 2.5-acre plot alongside our organic farm. The endeavor is to synergize the existence of all beings with the environment to ensure a discrimination-free harmony. 

    Meet Raja he is blind and was rescued from Vasant Vihar. When he was rescued, he was extremely malnourished and had deep lacerations on the inside of his legs, perhaps from going through barbed wire.

    The Emu Story - is a heart-wrenching one. Some years ago they were imported into the country from Australia by people who believed that emu meat and emu egg would become a delicacy and popular amongst the denizens of India. Unfortunately, the fad did not catch on and so suddenly the birds became redundant and useless. They were just let loose to die of starvation and some were killed by other predators. Five of them were discovered on the Jhajhar highway.

    Naintara -  a beautiful female baby donkey. She lost her mother who was very ill and was being treated at PFA. After the mother’s demise, Naintara was shifted to the farm where she now lives happily, past traumas all forgotten. She has found a soul mate in Daboo, a male donkey (also a new entrant) again rescued by PFA from a worksite in Faridabad.

  13. Camel Safari Near Delhi, Gurgaon (Aravali Hills)

    1 Day

    Per person per night

    If you want to go on a Camel Safari near me or near Delhi, where there are many other adventure activities apart from camel ride. So you should definitely opt for Camp Wild Dhauj, a farmhouse located near Gurgaon. Camel safari is a common activity for people of all ages, in which you can enjoy rural activity. Although riding a camel is not a famous activity, it is a must-do once. If you do not want to experience the villagers, then from the camp you can take a 10-km camel safari, which takes you on an exciting journey through the jungles of Aravalli.


    The Aravali Hills Range is the oldest hill on this planet. The Aravalli Range is the eroded stub of a range of ancient folded mountains. In ancient times the hill ranges were extremely high but have since been worn down almost completely by millions of years of weathering. The Aravalli hills range covers the states of Rajasthan, Haryana, and Gujarat. We take you through this amazing range, on a camel back just next to Delhi.


    Nobody can be immune to the charms of the rugged Aravali Hills. The experience of riding a camel gives immense pleasure to the eyes of an adventure lover. The safari will ensure that you get the real flavor of the oldest mountain range on this planet, get amazed by the wilderness so near to the National Capital Region of Delhi and stay in an exceptional eco-friendly eco-lodge. The slow pace of the camel ensures that you do not miss any of the details. The life in the villages around vibrates to the sound of pristine stillness sways in a profusion of wilderness.


    Enjoy the Camel Ride at Camp 

  15. Hot Air Balloon Near Delhi NCR, Gurgaon At Camp Wild Dhauj

    1 Day

    Per person per night

    Camp Wild Dhauj is the perfect choice if you are looking for an exciting place near Delhi for corporate events that also include tethered hot air balloon activity. The camp is located near Gurgaon, Delhi, where apart from the hot air balloon activity, there are many other corporate activities. Experience the cliffs of Aravalli Hill near the camp, drift with the wind in the serenity of the atmosphere in the balloon lift. Try this unique and beautiful air balloon lift experience at Camp Wild Dhauj near Delhi, and Gurgaon, where you can enjoy the spectacular landscape of the Aravalli range while soaring high. You can book this activity during the Camp Wild Dhauj events package.

    About The Activity -

    > Hot air balloons lifts are tethered from the campground.

    > Riding timings of Hot Air Balloons are early morning and late afternoons when thermal currents are low.

    > Activity is organized only for events.

    > In our balloon basket, only four people can travel at a time.

    Things to Know Before Taking a Hot Air Balloon Ride at Camp Wild

    > Arrive at the time specified by the trainer for riding as there is limited time for the activity

    > Follow social distancing, and wash hands frequently, wear a mask.

    > No sharp objects, lighters, knives, etc. are allowed to be carried by any participant during Hot Air Balloon lift.

    > The lift conditions of the balloon depending on the weather. If the weather is bad for any reason, the lift will be suspended.

    Hot Air Balloon Highlights

    > Enjoy a panoramic view of lush green fields and the Aravalli range during a hot air balloon ride

    > Take your camera with you to click some great pictures, admiring the 360° view from a height.

  17. Commando Net Climbing Adventure Activity at Camp Wild Dhauj

    1 Day

    Per person per night

    Mangar village is surrounded by pristine Aravalli ranges, where Camp Wild Dhauj Camp is located, with great activities such as commando net climbing in a serene landscape amidst a lush green natural environment. You can come to Dhauj Camp, an hour drive from Delhi NCR and Gurgaon to do a commando net adventure activity. There is a luxury cottage to stay in, a Wild Café for dining, which serves fresh food. If you live in the capital region, then you should plan your next vacation with a fun commando net adventure activity. 


    For decades, commando nets have been used for training purposes. However, commando nets are generally used for training soldiers. But this time it has become an adventurous activity which can be done by kids, adults and all. Through this activity, you can be physical yet great fun not requiring much strength. When you start climbing the net, at that time you have to try your strength. Wear your shoes and chalk your hands up and get ready for commando net climbing. Net climbing is organized by our trained professionals in the camp.

    Things to Keep in Mind Before Doing Commando Net Adventure Activity

    > Follow the guidelines given by the instructors while doing the activity.

    > Do not do the activity under the influence of alcohol or any intoxicant.

    > You will be harnessed before you start the activity

    > A belay rope will be tied to you so as to arrest your fall in case
    An instructor will belay you for your 100% safety

  19. Best Places for Corporate Team Outing in Delhi NCR (Team Building Activities)

    1 Day

    Per person per night

    A relaxing and enjoyable getaway is needed after a whole week of work. What better time to spend the weekend than a team outing in Delhi? Delhi NCR and Gurgaon is a corporate metropolis, from where people want to go somewhere on weekends to spend their holidays. Camp Wild Dhauj Farmhouse near Delhi and Gurgaon is a perfect choice if you are looking to spend a holiday with some activities and sports with your entire corporate team.

    Which is a good way to spend the weekend with fun and adventurous activities with your co-workers and team. Camp Wild Dhauj is near Gurgaon and Delhi NCR. Corporate events here can keep you entertained by team-building activities, outdoor and indoor sports as well as hiking, and much more. You also get to experience the rural lifestyle in this one-day weekend getaway.


    About The Campsite

    Camp Wild Dhauj is situated at the foothills of Aravalli Hill, which caters to many adventure activities like rappelling, rock climbing, Skycycle, paintball, hiking etc. It is a very quick getaway out of town just a few minutes from Gurgaon and Faridabad. Take a foreign guest along with you as this outing will be a pleasant experience showcasing Indian rural culture, farms, and adventure activities. The camp has accommodation offering Deluxe Cottages and luxury tents with attached bathrooms for overnight stay. However, you may also go for a day picnic also


    About The Facilities at the Camp :

    The camp has Deluxe cottages all with en-suite bathrooms inside. There are luxury tents also if one wants to experience glamping.  All the necessary ingredients like shampoo, towel, and soap are present inside the bathroom. Special attention is paid to cleanliness in all rooms, including clean linens and pillows creating a great atmosphere.

    About The Activities

    > In the camp, you can choose the option of team building games according to the number of your group.

    > In the camp, you can do many team-building sports, in which you can enjoy many sports like cricket, carrom, football, musical chair, tug of war, badminton, volleyball, ludo, and kho-kho.

    > Also, the camp includes obstacle games, these games include Burma Loops, Swinging Tyre, Hop Scotch, Cat Walk, Monkey Crawl, Commando Net, Burma Bridge,

    > Twin Rope Missing Plank Bridge, and Rope Obstacle Course, etc.

    > You can also do rock climbing and rappelling in the camp, for this you have to go for about an hour hiking from Camp Wild and rappelling.

    > In addition, there are many paid-for activities at the camp, including zip lines, sky cycling, rock climbing, zorbing, and paintball.


    About Corporate Team Building Games in Outdoors

    Many games are offered based on improving skills such as communication, trust, coordination, leadership, etc. Redefine the possibilities for corporate experiential learning workshops spiced with adventure activities. For the corporate world, it could be an antidote for office stress or motivating the team to be a leader. We have a history of bringing new and innovative adventure-related games and activities, integrating relaxation with resolve while scrapping the mundane







    SNATCH THE CAP                 


    HUMAN SKI                           






    THE MARBLE LINK                         


    & TRUST





    NAIL BALANCE                      




    COIN TALK                            



    TRUST &



  21. Paintball Near Delhi NCR, Gurgaon at Camp Wild Dhauj


    Under Rs 2,000

    Per person per night

    Planning for paintball in Delhi near me, or paintball in Gurgaon, then look no further than Camp Wild Dhauj and book this adventurous activity package at Camp Wild Dhauj. The people of Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida are always busy in the hustle and bustle of the city. You should take a day out to go on a holiday with your friends and family, with full protective gear for paintball activity and guarded by attentive staff, the thrilling experience is just right for you, if you like adventurous activities.

    Paintball is the fastest-growing adventure sport in the world. This fast-paced, adrenalin-pumping adventure sport is played in over 50 countries and is a rage among young men and women around the world. In a character-building game, players learn the importance of teamwork and gain confidence while developing leadership abilities. But, above all, paintball is fun! Once the adrenaline starts pumping you can't help but love the thrill of the game!

    Paintball is considered one of the most effective forms of stress release and has been used by the corporate organization in the United States, Europe as an effective training tool to promote teamwork and to improve communication and control stress within the team. is widely used in It is considered better than all simulation-based training programs as it provides the Real Thing!!

    This is a fun activity where you have balls filled with dye, called paintballs. Which you have to kill your opponents. Initially, you are given 30 paintballs, the time limit of each match can be around 10 minutes or more. The match does not end until a team has won the match.

    The Paintball Gaming Packages:


    Gaming Time: 1 hour

    No. of Paintballs: 30 per player

    Min. No. of Players: 5 each side (total 10)

    Max. No of Players: 10 each side ( total 20)


    Shoot your enemies as you run across the field and achieve your goal. Various formats of this game are available with increasing difficulty levels – Capture the Flag, Centre Flag, Total Elimination. Get ready for 1 hour of Jam-Packed action!! Teams can play 8-10 games (of 7 minutes each)  in 1 hour. Players get extra lives, after getting shot, they step off the field for 1 minute & join the game again. 

    If you run out of bullets, in one hour gaming time, you can buy a pack of Reload – 30 paintballs 

    * Prices include rental of all equipment and gear – Markers, C02 gas tanks, Paintball pellets, Overalls, chest guards, face masks, gloves, and field rental.

    * All games are conducted under the supervision of trained Marshals and Instructors.


  23.  Rappelling Near Delhi NCR, Gurgaon at Camp Wild Dhauj

    1 Day

    Per person per night

    If you want to experience rappelling near Gurgaon, then take up this challenge on the cliffs of the high hills of the Aravalli range, which are about 100 feet high also. Rappelling is one of the most exciting activities to be done in adventure activities, which everyone wants to do. When you slither down from the top of the mountain with the help of a rope, your courage is definitely tested.

    Activity Duration: 1 to 2 hours

    Activity Timings: 09:00 am to 05:00 pm (times are subject to change according to the weather)

    Location of Activity: Mangar Village on Aravali Hill near Camp Wild Dhauj, Faridabad, Haryana


    Rappelling Highlights at Camp Wild Dhauj

    > Try this adventurous and exciting activity, slithering down the cliffs of Aravalli Hill.

    Participate in the activity with an experienced instructor, and wear good quality safety gear and harnesses.

    Admire the spectacular view of the Aravalli Valley.

    About The Activity

    The duration of this activity is approximately 1 to 2 hours.

    To do the activity you have to hike a few hundred meters from Camp Wild to Aravalli Hills and enjoy the landscapes.

    Meet your instructor, who will provide you information about the activity and take you to the rappelling point of the hill.

    After wearing safety equipment like harnesses and gloves, one rappels or slithers down using safety ropes down the flat rock patch. You have to do this very carefully, as if your attention is diverted, you might not enjoy the activity. 

    The instructor will be with you throughout the activity and will tell you the safety rules.

    You don't have to worry about anything during the activity, as all the safety gear and harness are of high quality certified by UIAA.

    All gear is cleaned and sanitized regularly.


  25. Natural Rock Climbing Near Delhi NCR, Gurgaon at Camp Wild Dhauj

    1 Day

    Per person per night

    If you are planning to do natural rock climbing in Delhi, Or you are thinking of doing rock climbing near Gurgaon, so you should think about Dhauj Rocks near Mangar village, which is a beautiful village located on the Delhi-Haryana border surrounded by the Aravalli ranges. The safest natural rock climbing zone is only at Dhauj rocks which is near Mangar village and Camp Wild Dhauj can be used as a base, which is surrounded by nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 


    About Rock Climbing

    Rock climbing is an adventurous activity that tests your flexibility and increases your stamina. Climb the cliffs of Aravalli Hill, and experience new heights of adventure and serenity and look at the beautiful landscape around.

    There is also rock climbing for children on the Aravalli Hills near Camp Wild Dhauj. Rock climbing involves the guidance of an experienced and professional guide. Who guides you keeping in mind your complete safety. You can also book rock climbing packages for corporate purposes at Camp Wild Dhauj. You don't have to worry about anything during the activity, as all the safety gear and harness is of high quality certified by UIAA

    Some Other Information -

    Activity Duration: 1 to 2 hours

    Activity Timings: 09:00 am to 05:00 pm (times are subject to change according to the weather)

    Location of Activity: Mangar Village on Aravali Hill near Camp Wild Dhauj, Faridabad, Haryana


  27. Zipline Near Delhi NCR, Gurgaon At Camp Wild Dhauj

    1 Day

    Per person per night

    If you are planning to do a zipline adventure activity near Delhi, the national capital of India, then Camp Wild Dhauj is a perfect option. Where you can fly without wings hanging on the zipline. People looking for Zipline adventure activities near Gurgaon in a natural ambiance and an experience of the Aravalli Hills, then you must visit Camp Wild Dhauj once. Here all the adventure activities along with the zip line are done by highly trained instructors. In which special care is taken for your safety.


    Zipline Near Delhi NCR Highlights

    Zipline between the Aravalli Hills, just a 1-hour drive from Delhi, and a 45-minute drive from Gurgaon and Faridabad both.

    About The Activity

    >This adventure activity is done at Camp Wild, which is located in Dhauj village near Mangar village

    >The zip line covers a distance of approximately 70 meters. Feel the gust of wind while enjoying the captivating greenery.

    >The activity is carried out under the supervision of professional experts.

    >All the equipment provided to you during the activity is first sanitized and then given to you.

    Know Before Going For Zip Line Near Delhi And Gurgaon

    >If you have booked a zip line package, and you have arrived at the camp, and for some reason, the weather turns bad, the activity may be postponed. You have to wait for the weather to be right.

    >Arrive on time after booking the activity.

    >Trainers cannot make any such participant do the activity, which he finds unfit to do.

    >The participant must be at least 6 years of age to perform the activity.

    >Activity at the camp is from 08:30 am to 06:00 pm.

    >At present, it is mandatory to follow the guidelines of covid 19 by the state government. Wear a mask.

    >Considering participant safety, zip lines are not recommended for people who have recently had major surgery, have a broken arm, or are pregnant for more than 3 months.

  29. Cycling in Gurgaon, Faridabad (Aravali Hills)

    Rs 2,000 - 5,000

    Per person per night

    If you are planning to go cycling in Gurgaon, Camp Wild at Aravali Valley offers you a great riding trail for your cycling journey. For an experience of Cycling in Delhi NCR full of natural beauty, then one should definitely choose this trip off the Gurgaon to Faridabad highway into the Aravali forests through the Aravali Hills.

    Cycling is an adventure activity, which gives us an opportunity to test our strength. If you are a corporate group, or just want to spend a wonderful day with your friends, then you must choose this trail through the Aravalli hills, which may start from the Huda City Center of Gurgaon, and end between the Aravalli hills. Here are some details about the activity of cycling in Gurgaon -

    About the Activity 

    > Your cycling tour will begin at 6:00 am at HUDA City Center Metro Station, where you will be met by your team leader.

    > Before starting the cycling tour, you will be given an introduction to the tour.

    > Once we reach the Faridabad-Gurgaon road, we will be close to the Aravali trails of Aravali.

    > These trails will be our first stop, where we will rest and hydrate with a delicious breakfast.

    > After refueling, we will resume our journey, traversing the trails through the local villages.

    > If we have enough time, we can also include a visit to two hidden lakes in our itinerary.

    > For lunch we will all choose one of the organic farms in the local village where we can relax.

    > Will wait for food while relaxing on the farm, and experiencing the farm.

    > All the vegetables for cooking are grown on the farm itself, which is completely organic.

    > Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about organic farming, around the local farm, and about farming in Aravalli.

    > After a delicious lunch, we will head back to the city, concluding our journey.

    > This cycling tour of ours will be 40 kilometers long.

    Know Before You Go for Artificial Wall Climbing

    Although our cycling journey will be 40 km, in between we should take care of some things. These things will come in handy on all your cycling tour journeys -

    > If you are going on a long cycling trip, then you should always keep filling your water bottle along the way, because you never know how far water will be available on the way.

    > Must carry a basic repair and maintenance kit, which includes a mini pump, row, and a folding multi-tool.

    > If you are traveling on a bicycle at a place where you will not find electronics anywhere, then you can also keep power banks, etc. with you. With the help of this, you can also charge the mobile kept in your bag.

    > You can also take gloves to wear on your hands, after which your hands do not slip.

    > Write down what's inside the kit you're taking with you on your cycling trip.

    > For a cycling journey, you should wear sports clothes along with sports shoes, which are comfortable as well as flexible.

    > You can also make a list of those things during your cycling journey, without which you absolutely cannot live, like a phone, purse, camera, glasses, etc.

    > Always buy a good quality water bottle, in which you do not get the taste of plastic.

    > Wherever you rest on the way, before walking from there, once check all the things near you, do you have all the things with you.