Frequently Asked Questions

1. Access to the camp?

The camp is located next to Dhauj bandh near village Silakhari, P.O. Dhauj village, District Faridabad, it's just 48 km from Connaught Place. There are 2 main access roads to reach Camp Wild Dhauj at Aravali Valley

OPTION 1 - The access for guests coming in a large coach/ bus is from the Ballabgarh – Sohna state highway only. One needs to turn inside from the Dhauj police station, crossing Shahnaz Hussain’s farmhouse leading to the camp at Dhauj Bandh. Also for guests coming from East Delhi, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Sohna, and Agra, this is the best-suited route for reaching Camp Wild Dhauj at Aravali Valley. Here is the Google map pin which will help you come to the camp - Click Here

OPTION 2 -  The access for guests coming from Gurgaon, Jaipur, South Delhi, North Delhi, and West Delhi is from the Gurgaon-Faridabad state highway. However only sedan cars and SUV can come via this route as it passes through a section in the Mangar village where the roads are very narrow. One needs to turn inside from the Mangar police station on the main Gurgaon-Faridabad state highway, on the Camp Wild Road crossing Hotel Lalit Mangar leading to the camp at Dhauj Bandh. Please note that Coach and Buses cannot come via this route. Here is the Google map pin which will help you come to the camp - Click Here 

2. How is the road condition?
Both Ballabgarh – Sohna Road and Gurgaon Faridabad highway are toll roads and the internal roads leading to the camp are single lane but metalled roads. The last 3 km internal roads from both the villages of Mangar and Silakhari are a typical village road. The routes pass through a very scenic area through farms, open fields,s and village inhabitation. Please be careful while driving through the villages as it is very usual for the children to play on the roads.

3. What kind of vehicles should be avoided?
Very low ground clearance vehicles should be avoided. Rest all normal cars can easily come to the camp

4. Is parking available at the camp?
Yes, free parking is available at the camp. The camp can accommodate over 100 cars also at a time.

5. What kind of accommodation is available at the campsite?
Camp Wild has 13 cottages and 12 deluxe tents with attached bathrooms which are comfortable. All of them have Veranda and feature scenic close views of the Aravali Hills. The rooms have large private modern baths. Every cottage has a separate entrance.

6. What kind of rooms and comforts one can expect?
Rooms at Camp Wild in the cottages are not like a typical hotel. The style, mood, and ambiance reflect a wilderness camp. The rooms are rustic and nice. The flooring is with wooden looks, furniture is made from stone which is very unique and solid. Walls are painted white over raw bricks giving it a Mediterranean feel and vibe. Some sections of the walls is also made from bamboo plywood for the wilderness effect. 6 cottages also have an attic with an inbuilt ladder where 2-3 more people can easily sleep, mostly popular with the families. The curtains are lovely and colorful and have been inspired by the local theme using grass straw popularly called a "chik" with a simple roll-up system. There are 2 bedside reading lights and 3 more hanging colorful ball lights providing enough light in the room. Most of the beds in the cottages are twin bedded, though 3 attic lodges do have double beds.

All rooms in the tents have a double king size bed with bedside tables and connections for easy charging cell phones. The flooring has been done with a green colorful local "chatai" blending with the wilderness theme. The roof and walls of the tents are inspired by flourishes and pure white for that clean look. There are 2 hanging colorful ball lights providing enough light in the room.

Bathrooms are large spread over 120 sq feet, modern and tiled in both cottages and tents. The tents have a unique feature of 2 bathrooms in each tent making it easy for multiple sharing also. Bright LED tube lights power up the bathrooms.

7. Are toiletries provided?
Yes, fresh bathing and hand towels, hand wash soap, bathing soap, moisturizer, and toilet paper rolls are provided in all bathrooms. All bathrooms have 2-foot mats also

8. Is hot water available in the bathrooms?
Yes, hot water flows in all bathrooms powered by solar geysers throughout the year. However, sometimes in winters on days when there is no sun, we might have to provide you hot waters in buckets. Also, it takes appx 5 mins for the hot water to flow through the taps requesting some patience.

9. What kind of food is served at the camp?
Simple, delicious, and nutritious home-cooked type food is served at the camp. Most of the things are grown organically at the camp itself.

10. Can I order a~la~carte meals at the camp?
No, at present we do not have the option of ordering from the menu. The menu to be pre-decided at the time of reservations. One also has the option of pre-ordering snacks from the online menu card at the time of reservations.

11. Is there electricity at the Camp?
Yes, though erratic being a remote village area, there is permanent electricity at the campsite. We also have DG Genset backup to make your stays at the camp comfortable. However, it does take a few minutes for the Genset to start. It's a good idea to carry your own torches also as you might like to go for a night trek and it will serve both purposes.

12. Is room service available?
We do not have any room service at present. Being an outdoor camp, most of the time is spent outdoors doing activities and exploring the areas. The Aravallis are a tremendous unexplored region welcoming adventurers with amazing secrets

13. What about amenities like, Tv, Newspaper, Air conditioning?
Being an adventure activity center based in the lap of nature, the concept is to disconnect from the daily gadgets and connect with nature. Hence there is no TV, newspaper and air conditioning. We have fans for overnight stays.

14. Is Wi-Fi available at the camp?
No, being a remote area, there is no scope of any wifi at present. However, all 4G connection works very well

15. Are personal mineral water bottles provided in the rooms?
The camp avoids plastic bottled water and promotes the use of 20ltr mineral water bottles for drinking purposes. All rooms are provided with jugs and glasses 24 x7

16. Who all can come and experience the camp and its activities?
The camp offers getaways for families, individuals, and curated experiences for school groups, corporate offsite, and team-building training programs for institutions.

17. What are the safety/security measures?
The entire camp has a secured tall boundary with guards 24x7. CCTV cameras are also installed in public areas.

18. Do cell phones work?
Yes, one can comfortably stay connected with Airtel, Jio & Vodafone.

19. Is there an online picture and video gallery where I can virtually experience the camp?
Here is the link to the online photo gallery - Click Here

20. What is the weather pattern throughout the year?

January to February

Cold to chilly. Day time around 25 degrees & night around 5-10 degree Celsius

March to April mid

Warm in the day. Day time around 35 degrees & night around 15 -20 degree Celsius

April mid – July mid


July mid - August

Warm and humid. Day time around 30 -35 degree & night around 25-30 degree Celsius

September to October 

Warm. Day time around 25 -30 degree & night around 20-25 degree Celsius

November to December

Chilly to Cold. Day time around 20 -25 degree & night around 10-15 degree Celsius