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Mangar Bani Hill Forest

Mangar Bani Hill Forest


Bani Forest

Bani dham

Bani Dham

Peacock in Bani Hill Forest 

Wild Animal in Bani Hill Forest 

Bird in Bani Hill Forest 

Mangar Bani is a sacred forest, which is located in Faridabad on the border of Delhi Haryana, next to Mangar village. This forest is considered sacred because, according to some legends, Gudaria Das Baba Temple is a part of this forest. People say that they protect this holy forest. Mangar Bani has much precious flora, it is a dry dense forest. If you are preparing yourself to breathe fresh in the open air, then Mangar Bani is a better option here you should visit during monsoons. At this time, the entire forest and vegetation here turn into a vibrant color. You get lost in the mesmerizing splendor of the forest, with the cries of birds, colorful butterflies during monsoons. Winter comes after the monsoons, in winter you can see mammals sitting in the sun, and the cries of birds can be heard even as they move from branch to branch in search of food.