Our groups visiting Camp Wild have a great involvement and interaction with the local school in the nearby village of Selakhari & Mangar. We run many activities with the local school aiming at the betterment of the children who belong to the rural background and are devoid of many basic facilities also. Few projects that we have organised are as below:-

1. Each one Teach one

2. Exchange of Languages - (few words of Hindi ~ vs ~ foreign language)

3. Sharing importance of hygiene

4. Creation of sports such as Volleyball court & donation of the equipment

5. Painting of section of the school walls

6. Donating stationary, books, sketch pens etc

7. Donation of indoor games such as Ludo, Carom, Snake & Ladder, Dart boards etc

8. Cleaning of drinking water points

9. Building of parts of the fallen school walls

10. Donation of furniture

11. and many more initiatives.....

We encourage our groups to think creatively as to how we can engage more with the local children

local_School 502Activity at School

Local_School 504Activity at School

Local_School 506Activity at School

Local_School 507Activity at School

Local_School 508Activity at School

Local_School 509Activity at School