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  1. Village Experience Near Delhi

    1 Day

    Per person per night

    Come experience village life near Delhi for a day or two, escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city. Where there is proper arrangement for your living near the village and also the villages are in a scenic place where there are some mountains and green forests. All this is possible just outside the Delhi NCR region in the Aravali Valley where villages like Mangar & Selakhari village are nestled. The base camp of Mangar village is Camp Wild Dhauj, where you can book many adventure activities apart from the village experience. 


    If you are looking for farmhouses near Delhi for a weekend holiday with village activities, then your search ends here, as here you will get all the things and village experience that you can imagine yourself to be. The Aravalli mountain range surrounds the village, which adds to the beauty of the village.


    On request, the guests are given a firsthand experience to participate in the everyday chores of the villagers. They enjoy and love doing activities like plucking the marigold for making garlands, a tractor ride, cutting the fodder, making cow dung cakes, churning buttermilk, getting henna tattoos.