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  1. Camel Safari Near Delhi, Gurgaon (Aravali Hills)

    1 Day

    Per person per night

    If you want to go on a Camel Safari near me or near Delhi, where there are many other adventure activities apart from camel ride. So you should definitely opt for Camp Wild Dhauj, a farmhouse located near Gurgaon. Camel safari is a common activity for people of all ages, in which you can enjoy rural activity. Although riding a camel is not a famous activity, it is a must-do once. If you do not want to experience the villagers, then from the camp you can take a 10-km camel safari, which takes you on an exciting journey through the jungles of Aravalli.


    The Aravali Hills Range is the oldest hill on this planet. The Aravalli Range is the eroded stub of a range of ancient folded mountains. In ancient times the hill ranges were extremely high but have since been worn down almost completely by millions of years of weathering. The Aravalli hills range covers the states of Rajasthan, Haryana, and Gujarat. We take you through this amazing range, on a camel back just next to Delhi.


    Nobody can be immune to the charms of the rugged Aravali Hills. The experience of riding a camel gives immense pleasure to the eyes of an adventure lover. The safari will ensure that you get the real flavor of the oldest mountain range on this planet, get amazed by the wilderness so near to the National Capital Region of Delhi and stay in an exceptional eco-friendly eco-lodge. The slow pace of the camel ensures that you do not miss any of the details. The life in the villages around vibrates to the sound of pristine stillness sways in a profusion of wilderness.


    Enjoy the Camel Ride at Camp 

  3. Animal Orphanage (Shelter)

    1 Day

    Per person per night

    The Animal Shelter started as recently as in 2013, takes care of 320 Dogs, 60 Large Animals including cows, bulls, buffaloes, horses, donkeys, mules 17 Emus, 35 Cats, 40 Rabbits, 50 Ducks and Geese, and many birds. The struggle is to raise 6 Lakhs a month to take care of the animals. With the construction of the shelter completed in February 2013, the dogs have moved in, and are enjoying their new home. The shelter is located on a 2.5-acre plot alongside our organic farm. The endeavor is to synergize the existence of all beings with the environment to ensure a discrimination-free harmony. 

    Meet Raja he is blind and was rescued from Vasant Vihar. When he was rescued, he was extremely malnourished and had deep lacerations on the inside of his legs, perhaps from going through barbed wire.

    The Emu Story - is a heart-wrenching one. Some years ago they were imported into the country from Australia by people who believed that emu meat and emu egg would become a delicacy and popular amongst the denizens of India. Unfortunately, the fad did not catch on and so suddenly the birds became redundant and useless. They were just let loose to die of starvation and some were killed by other predators. Five of them were discovered on the Jhajhar highway.

    Naintara -  a beautiful female baby donkey. She lost her mother who was very ill and was being treated at PFA. After the mother’s demise, Naintara was shifted to the farm where she now lives happily, past traumas all forgotten. She has found a soul mate in Daboo, a male donkey (also a new entrant) again rescued by PFA from a worksite in Faridabad.

  5. Village Experience Near Delhi

    1 Day

    Per person per night

    Come experience village life near Delhi for a day or two, escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city. Where there is proper arrangement for your living near the village and also the villages are in a scenic place where there are some mountains and green forests. All this is possible just outside the Delhi NCR region in the Aravali Valley where villages like Mangar & Selakhari village are nestled. The base camp of Mangar village is Camp Wild Dhauj, where you can book many adventure activities apart from the village experience. 


    If you are looking for farmhouses near Delhi for a weekend holiday with village activities, then your search ends here, as here you will get all the things and village experience that you can imagine yourself to be. The Aravalli mountain range surrounds the village, which adds to the beauty of the village.


    On request, the guests are given a firsthand experience to participate in the everyday chores of the villagers. They enjoy and love doing activities like plucking the marigold for making garlands, a tractor ride, cutting the fodder, making cow dung cakes, churning buttermilk, getting henna tattoos.


  7. Tractor Ride

    1 Day

    Per person per night

    There are a few village activities you can choose from to make your weekend getaway at Camp Wild Dhauj exciting. If you have never experienced sitting on a tractor and going through the farms enjoying the breeze in your hair and eyes taking in the lush green everywhere, this is a must activity to do when you are visiting Dhauj Camp. Go with your group in a tractor for a ride on your next weekend vacation and explore the village together. We will make the ride as comfortable as possible by throwing in mattresses in the trolley as the ride does get a bit bumpy.