Enrironmentally Safe Drinking Water

Drinking Water – the camp promotes the use of water filtered by the Life Straw community filters installed for drinking water. The salient features are - Hollow fibre filtration technology converts contaminated water into safe drinking water, removes a minimum of 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.999% of viruses and 99.99% of protozoan parasites, reduces turbidity (muddiness) by filtering particulate matter larger than 0.02 microns, meets the standard for the “highly protective” category of household water treatment options by the World Health Organization and complies with US EPA guidelines for microbiological water purifiers, can purify between 70,000 -100,000* litres of water, enough to serve community settings for several years, chemical-free, made of durable plastic, doesn’t require electrical power or batteries

life straw communityLife Straw community filters

 Recycling waste: Minimal paper and plastic are used on site. Mainly the waste is recycled and all recycling bins are located in suitable locations around the camp. Though very simple, but a very important initiatives for the guests to take part in.

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