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Camel Safari



The Aravali hills Range is oldest hills of this planet. The Aravalli Range is the eroded stub of a range of ancient folded mountains. In ancient times the hills range were extremely high but since have worn down almost completely by millions of years of weathering. The Aravalli hills range covers the states of Rajasthan, Haryana, and Gujarat. We take you through this amazing range, on a camel back just next to Delhi.

Camel_Riding 501Camel Riding at Camp Wild

Nobody can be immune to the charms the rugged Aravali Hills. The experience of riding a camel gives immense pleasure to the eyes of an adventure lover. The safari will ensure that you get the real flavour of the oldest mountain range of this planet, get amazed by the wilderness so near to the National Capital Region of Delhi and stay in exceptional eco friendly eco lodge. The slow pace of the camel ensures that you do not miss any of the details. The life in the villages around vibrates to the sound of pristine stillness sways in a profusion of wilderness.

Camel_Riding 502Camel Riding at Camp Wild


Day 01: Start a short Camel Safari experience Ex Camp Wild Dhauj (3:00hr / 10kms safari)