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Fit Package-day picnic

Fit Package-day picnic

Duration: 1 Day
Price: Rs 1500/-
Best Season: July-April

Get that rush of adrenaline with rock climbing, rappelling and zip lines on the natural cliffs of the Aravali hills. This package with 2 adventure activities, meals, low rope course and hike to the Aravali hills top is the best product for the day that we have.


09:00 a.m         Arrive at the camp grounds at breakfast. Arrive at the camp grounds at breakfast. Introduction of instructors.     


10:30 a.m        Adventure activities like  Zip-line


13:30 p.m        Lunch will be served


14:30 p.m         Low Rope Course Obstacle zone - Our low rope course is set up in a home grown forest of he native species of trees. All activities have been constructed in a very eco friendly manner on/with the trees. Spend some time enjoying and reliving your childhood with activities such as Tarzan swing, tunnels, beam  balance,  commando net climb, burmah bridges,cat walks and so on


16:30 p.m          Tea break with a snack and cookies



17:00 p.m          Free time for enjoying recreational activities at the camp such as volley ball/ cricket/ football/ badminton



17:30 p.m          Departure from the camp



Check in time - 9.00 am / Check out time – 5.00 pm


Monday to Thursday

Friday to Sunday

ADULT (Above 12 years)

Rs 1500/-

Rs 1750/-

CHILD (between 5- 12 years)

Rs 750/-

Rs 875/-

Children below 5 years(No adventure activity allowed)

Rs 0/-

Rs 0/-

+ 5% GST

Price Includes

1. One adventure activities  - Zip-line

2. Meals - Breakfast, Lunch, Eve Tea with a snack & cookies

3. Guided Hike to the Aravali Hills top 

4. Complimentary recreational facilities within the Camp:-

Volley Ball



5Low Rope Course Obstacle Park - 7 Elements:-

Burmah Bridge

Tarzan Swing

Commando Net

Balance Walk

Tunnel Walk

Monkey Crawl

Cat Walk


1. Track pants with t-shirts preferred

2. Water sipper so as to refill your water bottles (This will be your real time contribution to save the environment and help us reduce the plastic)

3. Shoes with rubber soles

4. Caps for sunshade