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Cycling 501Cycling in Aravalli valley

This ride has been specifically designed for activity enthusiasts. The ride is a culmination of rural culture, customs and history. With the ride covering various rural elements in 3 villages surrounding the camp, the tourists would get an unparalleled experience they often miss out on due to their short stay durations in Delhi or packed schedules covering only the cities and its monuments.

DURATION – 3 hours
DISTANCE - 8-10 Kms
Price Includes

  • Mountain bikes
  • Water bottles
  • Safety helmets
  • Safety jackets
  • Certificates of appreciation
  • Guide & co- guide
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Tea with snacks
  • Tree plantation Activites
  • GST

Cycling 502Cycling in Aravalli valley

Not only would the tourists be taken to local villagers’ houses, they would also get a first hand experience of practices like those of using handpumps, tubewells, fodder cutters, cattle rearing, milking and trying or observing magnificent Indian rural hukkah. 

Cycling 503Cycling in Aravalli valley

The ride would also cover some very ancient temples, ponds and a large animal shelter where they could get information on environment conservation and animal welfare. They would get a guided tour inside the animal shelter as well where they could pet animals such as dogs, cats, emus, sheep, horses, cows, birds etc

Cycling 504Cycling in Aravalli valley

For those who feel strongly for the cause, they could also contribute to feeding the animals or volunteer at the shelter for a short span of time. The ride would be concluded with cumulativeplantation activation where guests would have the satisfaction of being able to contribute to the environment in some way.

Cycling505Cycling in Aravalli valley


Our cycling ride takes you to the Animal Orphanage and Shelter. Started as recent as in 2013, takes care of 320 Dogs, 60 Large Animals including cows, bulls, buffaloes, horses, donkeys, mules 17 Emus, 35 Cats, 40 Rabbits, 50 Ducks and Geese and many birds. 

Cycling 506Cycling in Aravalli valley
The struggle is to raise 6 Lakhs a month to take care of the animals. With the construction of the shelter completed in February 2013, the dogs have moved in, and are enjoying their new home. The shelter is located on a 2.5 acre plot alongside the organic farm. The endeavor is to synergies the existence of all beings with the environment to ensure a discrimination free harmony.

Cycling 507Cycling in Aravalli valley