Welcome to Camp Wild Dhauj

Animal Shelter & Orphanage

The Animal Shelter started as recent as in 2013, takes care of 320 Dogs, 60 Large Animals including cows, bulls, buffaloes, horses, donkeys, mules 17 Emus, 35 Cats, 40 Rabbits, 50 Ducks and Geese and many birds. The struggle is to raise 6 Lakhs a month to take care of the animals. With the construction of the shelter completed in February 2013, the dogs have moved in, and are enjoying their new home. The shelter is located on a 2.5 acre plot alongside our organic farm. The endeavor is to synergies the existence of all beings with the environment to ensure a discrimination free harmony. 

Meet Raja - he is blind and was rescued from Vasant Vihar. When he was rescued, he was extremely malnourished and had deep lacerations on the inside of his legs, perhaps from going through barbed wire.

Meet_Raja 501Animal Orphanage at Camp Wild

Animal_Orphanage  502Animal Orphanage at Camp Wild

The Emu Story - is a heart-wrenching one. Some years ago they were imported into the country from Australia by people who believed that emu meat and emu egg would become a delicacy and popular amongst the denizens of India. Unfortunately the fad did not catch on and so suddenly the birds became redundant and useless. They were just let loose to die of starvation and some were killed by other predators. Five of them were discovered on the Jhajhar highway

Animal_Orphanage 503Animal Orphanage at Camp Wild 

Naintara -  a beautiful female baby donkey. She lost her mother who was very ill and was being treated at PFA. After the mother’s demise, Naintara was shifted to the farm where she now lives happily, past traumas all forgotten. She has found a soul mate in Daboo, a male donkey (also a new entrant) again rescued by PFA from a work-site in Faridabad.

naintara  504Animal Orphanage at Camp Wild